Making sense of the magical journey from boy to man

In a world saturated by violence and sensation, true escape comes in Richard Linklaters affecting film BoyhoodThe cinema has always been a place of escape. In the early days the sanctuary it offered was obvious: a chance to slip free of the humdrum ted...

Published by: The Guardian

It’s not a playground spat

One of the joys of being the father of a teenage son is getting to glimpse, thanks to him, videos that have gone viral. The latest was made in 2012 but it's spread anew among Jewish teens. It's a South Park-style cartoon that, without words, depicts th...

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

This cycle of vengeance could spark a third intifada

The tit-for-tat killings of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers have raised the prospect of another, even bloodier confrontationThe faces are, if not the same, then similar. The smiling boys in the photographs look like each other and like teenage boys...

Published by: The Guardian

Gordon Brown is back, and may be the man to save the union

Tony Blair was on the front page of the Financial Times this week, as the paper brought word of the former prime minister's plan to open an office in "the increasingly assertive oil-rich emirate" of Abu Dhabi. The FT explained that Blair is expanding his portfolio of business and other interests in the Middle East, which already includes a contract to advise Mubadala, one of Abu Dhabi's mighty sovereign wealth funds.

Published by: The Guardian

Why Britain still wants to fight Europe on the beaches

As D-day reminds us, the EU was born out of war, and Britain's heroic view of that conflict shapes its hostile attitudeThe beaches are quiet now, every last trace of blood washed away. When I covered the 60th anniversary commemorations of D-day in...

Published by: The Guardian

London is Ukip’s worst nightmare

The local election results highlight how out-of-step London attitudes pose a serious dilemma for Labour and ToriesThe past is a foreign country, we've long known that. Scotland is another country, that's the theme of the dominant political battle of th...

Published by: The Guardian