What’s in a pseudonym?

Why do writers take noms de plume? Jonathan Freedland explains his decision to publish his latest book under an assumed name

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The sleeping warrior

Kadima suffered from the loss of its founder, Ariel Sharon, leading to a disappointing night for Israeli moderates and progressives.

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Beyond, the fringe

The media say the Israeli elections are dull, but we are about to witness the eclipse of Likud and all it stands for.

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Last chance for a royal folly

Despite this week's scathing report from the Commons public expenditure committee, the Diana memorial fountain could still be a success - if it pays for itself Published in the Evening Standard 23 March 2006 In a way, yesterday was ideal … Continued

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Let’s keep the West End’s fizz

Published in the Evening Standard March 16 2006 Well, I'm feeling king of hill, top of the heap, A-number-one, because last week I got to see the new Sinatra show at the Palladium. The critics didn't like it much and … Continued

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