The battle on the streets

Published in the Evening Standard 27 April 2006 A week from tonight, you won't be able to move for post-mortems of the local elections. Switch on the TV, open up a paper and you'll be stampeded by pundits explaining what … Continued

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The problem is

The G8 leaders can exploit Tehran's fear of international isolation to get a nuclear deal, but only if they are united

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Elizabeth the Last

The Queen, who is 80 today, is the best thing about the monarchy: constant, reassuring and one of the most accomplished politicians of our age. But the institution is finished, says Jonathan Freedland, and Elizabeth could well be all that's … Continued

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Cutting blows

The latest revelation about Cherie Blair's haircare bills has shone an uncomfortable light into one of Labour's most vulnerable areas.

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Most GPs are worth it

Published in the Evening Standard 20 April 2006 If everyone was shocked by this week's report that some GPs are earning upwards of #250,000, then those of us who live in Stoke Newington were all but knocked over by the … Continued

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Forget the mayhem

Published in the Jewish Chronicle, 14 April 2006 There are no quiet times in the Jewish world, and these last few weeks have proved the point in spades. There's been an election in Israel, with a hesitant, but welcome outcome … Continued

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A time to inspire us all

Reflections on Easter and Passover Published in the Evening Standard 13 April 2006 It?s been a frantic week on my street. In this patch of Stoke Newington, the last few days have been dedicated to the mother of all spring … Continued

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