Born Again

An exclusive interview with Al Gore Read it on the Guardian website

Published by: The Guardian

London doesn’t need Las Vegas-on-Thames

Published in the Evening Standard 25 May 2006 By rights we should be celebrating: we?ve just won two shots at the jackpot. The prize in question is the right to open Britain?s first super-casino ? a huge gambling palace with … Continued

Published by: The Guardian

How a writer got us talking

Published in the Jewish Chronicle 19 May 2006 The great Israeli novelist Amos Oz likes to remark that Israel still adheres to a tradition almost absent from the Anglo-Saxon world, in which writers are treated as prophets, their words seized … Continued

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

Winners, losers and broken promises

Arsenal FC have more than last night’s defeat to mull over. Their move to a new stadium has short-changed the local community Published in the Evening Standard 18 May 2006 There’s a cloud over Highbury today. The whole of N5 … Continued

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