Way off base

The main parties' poor byelection results in Wales and Kent expose the peril of taking the core vote for granted.

Published by: The Guardian

If the fountains run dry, fine the bosses

Published in the Evening Standard 29 June 2006 You?ve got to pity Richard Aylard, the luckless soul who serves as PR spokesman for Thames Water. Along with Saddam Hussein?s legal adviser and Tim Henman?s motivational coach, Aylard is engaged in … Continued

Published by: The Guardian

Making our Jewish identity public

Published in the Jewish Chronicle 23 June 2006 When I was at university, members of the Union of Jewish Students were encouraged to wear small badges, carrying three discreet little letters, all in lower case: ujs. It was the lapel … Continued

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

We dare not let our future look like this

London’s rate of recycling is the worst among Europe’s major cities. Without change, the sheer volume of trash threatens to engulf us all Published in the Evening Standard 22 July 2006 I don?t suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder in any … Continued

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A losers’ summit

Experienced, with an undisputed grasp of policy issues and reputation for cerebral heft. Could Gordon Brown be the Al Gore of British politics?

Published by: The Guardian

Citizen Gates

Once a hate figure for anti-capitalists and internet idealists, Bill Gates has promised to give away 95% of his wealth. Britain's super-rich should take note.

Published by: The Guardian

Why Sir Ian should answer to the Mayor

London’s policing needs to be more responsive to voters to avoid the problems now plaguing the Met Published in the Evening Standard 15 June 2006 Blair’s had yet another “worst week,” and there will be more to come. No not … Continued

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