Don’t we want to save the planet?

Published in the Jewish Chronicle We?re in the season of the overflow service, when banqueting suites, conference centres and even the odd church hall are suddenly transformed into temporary synagogues. The congregation of Beehive Lane in Ilford used to go … Continued

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We mustn’t let the hatemongers win

Published in the Evening Standard 21 September 2006 It’s unusual to watch a contest and feel unsympathetic to both sides, but that was the sensation yesterday, watching John Reid do battle with a couple of Islamist extremists in Leytonstone. The … Continued

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Spare us Citizen Ken’s dodgy new comrades

Published in the Evening Standard September 14 2006 You've got to hand it to Ken. No one can do a political stunt better. Tony Blair used to command his aides to find an 'eye-catching initiative,' but he was asking the … Continued

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Confined to the sidelines

A single mistake was enough to rob Clare Short of her credibility and ruin her political career. Posted on the Guardian blog 14 September 2006

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