Stop obsessing about Jew-hatred

Published in the Jewish Chronicle So I return after a couple of weeks on holiday to what has become a familiar routine, starting with the now-obligatory announcement from my email account: ?You have 455 new messages?. (The genuine figure, since … Continued

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Don’t knock parents who put faith first

Published in the Evening Standard Tory politicians have one big advantage over their Labour rivals: they can send their kids to whatever school they like. David Cameron could blithely announce this week that he?s going to choose a faith school … Continued

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Nobody does it better

Listening to Tony Blair on Iraq is like watching a world-class illusionist creating an alternative reality. From the Guardian blog

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Get ready for the rubbish wars

The Mayor wants new powers to deal with London’s waste problem – and that has caused the first major break with Downing Street Published in the Evening Standard Their troubles seemed to be over. Tony Blair and Ken Livingstone may … Continued

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