Day one

David Miliband will be welcomed by the Foreign Office - but there could be an interesting clash ahead with the new Middle East envoy. From the Guardian's Comment is Free

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Pinch yourself

The debacle of Iraq ought to have made a dignified exit impossible. But if his departure is bizarre, so too is Brown's arrival

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Will there be a happy ending?

In The Rise and Fall of Tony Blair the basic stories were lavishly retold. But the greatest crackle came when Gordon Brown's name was mentioned. From the Guardian blog

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How to silence the boycotters

Published in the Jewish Chronicle If proof were needed of the sheer folly of the campaign to launch an academic boycott of Israel, it came in two dollops last week. First, the armed takeover of Gaza by Hamas showed the … Continued

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How long should London keep Ken?

The Tories want to limit the number of terms the Mayor can stand. But that won't help them win - and it's also plain undemocratic Published in the Evening Standard Here?s a novel way to see off Ken Livingstone. If … Continued

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In everyone’s interest

Amid the dreadful scenes in Gaza there is a glimmer of hope with renewed calls for an international force to restore order. From the Guardian's Comment is free

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