Media Talk podcast: Phone-hacking special

In a special live edition of our Media Talk podcast, Matt Wells is joined by Alan Rusbridger, Nick Davies, Jonathan Freedland and Jane Martinson to look at the latest developments in the phone-hacking scandal, including 'the most humble day' of … Continued

Published by: The Guardian

Phone hacking fallout: ten days that shook Britain

A very British revolution has reined in Rupert Murdoch's mighty media empire and given politicians the courage to stand up to him but will it last?This has not looked like a revolution. There have been no crowds massed overnight in Trafalgar Square, n...

Published by: The Guardian

A glaring glut of own goals

Israel's new ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub, is not just British-born: he grew up steeped in communal life. He will, therefore, already be familiar with the lament he will hear every day from the moment he steps off the plane at Heathrow until he f...

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle