Noam Chomsky in conversation with Jonathan Freedland

Miliband’s natural constituents?

Most of the debate about last week's appearance by Ed Miliband at a meeting of the Board of Deputies has dwelled on the Labour leader's remarks about Zionism. Which is a pity. Because much else happened that day that says a good deal about him - and something rather unexpected about us.

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Jonathan Freedland talks to Ken Loach, James Graham, David Boyle and Harriet Sergeant. [ over night delivery of cialis online | viagra success stories | should i chew cialis | cialis price 100 mg | cialis cheap | buy viagra … Continued

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Danny Boyle: champion of the people

He's the republican who got the Queen to turn Bond girl, the avowed leftwinger the Tories chose to open the London Olympics, the Oscar-winning director determined to remain an 'equal citizen': meet the ultimate idealist

Published by: The Guardian