Plan could end in blame game

The long-ago BBC Jerusalem correspondent, Michael Elkins, once lamented that too many war reporters had not served a journalistic apprenticeship by working on a local newspaper. How, he asked, could they understand the grief of a woman in Beirut devast...

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Margaret Thatcher’s funeral: the key pieces of commentary

Eleven Guardian contributors give their verdicts on the ceremonial funeral at St Paul's CathedralMichael WhiteJonathan FreedlandGiles FraserMartin KettleMichael BillingtonSam WollastonJess Cartner-MorleyNick HopkinsCatherine BennettRhiannon Lucy Cossle...

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Margaret Thatcher’s funeral: ‘Lying here, she is one of us’

For all the grandeur, they claimed a simple purpose. They had come, they said, not to bury a political figure or an "-ism", but a woman of flesh and blood, a mortal who was "one of us". And yet there were moments when it seemed they had come to bury an entire era, to conclude at last that dizzying, turbulent decade where she reigned supreme. The ceremony that hushed central London on Wednesday morning was a farewell to Margaret Thatcher but also to the 1980s.

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Start the week

On Start the Week Jonathan Freedland journeys from the origin of life to the possibilities of new life-forms with the geneticist Adam Rutherford. Steve Jones updates the Bible from the point of view of modern science and Barbara Sahakian looks … Continued

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