Three-minute election: The moment Ed Miliband grew up – video

Guardian columnists Jonathan Freedland and Hugh Muir discuss Labour's manifesto launch. We may have seen a more grown-up Ed Miliband – but did Labour's big day get off to a dispiriting start? Are Labour's manifesto promises enough to attract voters tempted by the SNP or the Greens? And even if Labour's pledges are effective in their election campaign, would they work in government? Continue reading...

Published by: The Guardian

The Tories’ wobble shows they don’t know how to fight Ed Miliband

Why do they always wobble on a Thursday? In 1987, the Conservative campaign was rocked by a poll, published on a Thursday, that showed the Tory lead over Labour down to a meagre four points. For the first time, Margaret Thatcher thought she might actually lose. Watching was an aide, Michael Dobbs, who would later write the television drama House of Cards. “She was more than furious. She was almost frothing,” he recalled, describing the day that is forever carved into the Tory annals as Wobbly Thursday.

Published by: The Guardian

Is solidarity still sensible?

What will the historians of the future make of the Jews of today? If all they have to go on are public statements and official declarations, they'll presume British Jews were almost stationary, our views of Israel unbending over the decades - no matter...

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle