An assassin’s bitter legacy

In among the retrospectives and tributes timed for next week's 20th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, there's a rather remarkable hour-long edition of the much-admired This American Life podcast. Despite the name, this programme focuse...

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

The SNP is master of the old politics as well as the new

The “new politics” will soon be less a slogan than a punchline. Among political anoraks it’s already happened. Dare to offer a disparaging remark, even about the weather, and the rebuke comes instantly: “Come, come, it’s the new politics now.”

Published by: The Guardian

EU referendum: the next big populist wave could sweep Britain out of Europe

Hollywood has long known the truth that “nobody knows anything”, but politics is only just getting its head around the idea. Just as no studio boss can ever know which film will hit and which will miss, so the sages of the political trade are beginning to speak with something that is, if not quite humility, then at least caution.

Published by: The Guardian