Brexit, Juncker, Austria and Venezuela – Politics Weekly podcast

Anushka Asthana, Larry Elliott and Jonathan Freedland join Tom Clark to discuss the short-term economic shock projected in the event of Britain leaving the EU – and why Jean-Claude Juncker is hoping Britain’s next PM is not Boris Johnson. Plus Kate Connolly on a knife-edge presidential election in Austria and Jon Watts on the turmoil in Venezuela

Published by: The Guardian

Don’t play the Nazi card

If there's one good thing to have come out of the debate over Labour and antisemitism, it might be the emerging consensus that, when discussing the Middle East, it's best to leave Hitler out of it. And not just the Middle East. Boris Johnson was widely mocked for likening the EU to Hitler's ambitions for Europe, leaving open the possibility that Sadiq Khan might become the first ever London mayor not to make crass references to the Führer.

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

Welcome to the age of Trump

It was the night the American media were too demure to call Pussygate. At the time, Donald Trump had won nothing. Twenty-four hours later, he would be celebrating his first victory in the contest for the Republican presidential nomination, setting him on the path to face Hillary Clinton in November. But on this frigid Monday night in February, while a blizzard whipped outside, Trump stood before a packed Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire and prepared to unleash his tongue.

Published by: The Guardian