Betrayal of the East End

Anger at ministers’ backtracking on plans to redevelop Bart’s and the Royal London hospitals springs from a long-standing sense of grievance

Published in the Evening Standard 19 January 2006

It reads like a cry of rage. The fury sparks off the page as you read Alastair Wilson’s open letter to the prime minister, published in the Evening Standard last night. Wilson is the consultant in charge of accident and emergency at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, honoured for his role treating the victims of 7/7. But yesterday he wrote to Tony Blair not in the cool, calm language of a top clinician, but in the voice of a man pushed beyond his limits.

?Why oh why do Government have to kick the downtrodden?? he fumes. ?What did the East End do to you that they should deserve such injustice??

The source of his anger is the government’s decision to ?review? a