The coalition’s last budget – Politics Weekly podcast

Robert Chote of the Office for Budget Responsibility and Gavin Kelly of the Resolution Foundation join Tom Clark to discuss George Osborne's budget. Plus: Jonathan Freedland and Larry Elliott reflect on a very political chancellor Continue reading...

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Climate activism is doomed if it remains a left-only issue

In all those sci-fi horror stories foretelling the end of the world, the imagined reaction was never boredom. Panic and hysteria, yes. Sex with strangers, most certainly. We could picture all that at the moment doomsday loomed. But inertia, inattention and a shrugging desire to turn over to the other channel – well, HG Wells never foresaw that.

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Isis’s promise of certainty is what lures the likes of Mohammed Emwazi

Maybe it was the goalpost that did it. In his last year of primary school, Mohammed Emwazi, the Kuwaiti-born Londoner exposed this week as the man behind the mask of “Jihadi John”, ran headlong into a metal post and was knocked out cold. “We didn’t see him for six weeks,” an old school friend recalled on a radio phone-in, wondering if that event was the turning point. “He was not the same ever since that brain injury. I am telling you, one million per cent: he was not the same.”

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Leaders should calm fears

So now we understand how terrorism works. The clue is in the name. Its purpose is to spread terror - and the grim truth is, it's working. Right now, very many Jews are terrified. I know it from my own conversations. After Paris and Copenhagen - after B...

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle