Labour and the left have an antisemitism problem

As the Conservative party divides its time between running the country and tearing itself apart over Europe, Labour has been consumed with a rather different problem. In the past two weeks, it has had to expel two activists for overt racism. That follows the creation of an inquiry into the Labour club at Oxford University, after the co-chair resigned saying the club was riddled with racism. The racism in question is hatred of Jews.

Published by: The Guardian

Brexit: the Queen is a powerful asset, but she is being exploited

Perhaps you recall the fabled words of the unnamed US officer in the Vietnam war who ruefully said of the place American forces had just razed to the ground, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” The line lives on, a permanent reminder of how a mission pursued with blind zeal can end up defeating its own purpose, choking to death the very thing it claims to love.

Published by: The Guardian

The Republicans created Donald Trump: no wonder they can’t stop him

At last, the Republican establishment is engaged in a project the entire world can get behind: the campaign to stop Donald Trump. They’ve left it desperately late, but a collective effort is finally under way to prevent the would-be strongman – who boasts of his admiration for Vladimir Putin and insists he will order US soldiers to commit war crimes, torturing prisoners and killing the innocent families of terrorists – from becoming their party’s standard-bearer in November.

Published by: The Guardian

Vote in our mortal interest

It may sound like a healthy, bran-based breakfast cereal but Brexit is going to be dominating the national conversation between now and June 23. A moment that's been coming for at least two decades, and maybe much longer, is finally here: Britain will decide its place in the European Union, in or out.

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

The Brexit campaign is wrong: the UK is already a sovereign nation

Michael Gove and Tony Benn are not related by blood, marriage or spiritual kinship. They belong in separate political universes. And yet such is the nature of the Brexit argument – carving its way through party lines, pitting friend against friend, uniting enemy with enemy – that the Conservative justice secretary has become the authentic voice of Bennism.

Published by: The Guardian