Pray America repudiates Trump

There's a snippet of video doing the rounds that is simultaneously shocking and unsurprising. It shows a supporter of Donald Trump at a rally in Phoenix, as the crowd strikes up the familiar chant of "U-S-A! U-S-A!". Except he's chanting an amended ver...

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

Will the article 50 ruling stop Brexit? | The panel

Surely those who should be cheering today’s high court judgment the loudest are the people who have been the most passionate defenders of parliamentary sovereignty. So rejoice, Daniel Hannan: the judges have heeded your earnest plea to make parliament supreme. Put out the bunting, Michael Gove: your insistence that Westminster be the ultimate arbiter of our national affairs has been given the judicial seal of approval. All those who spent the spring trumpeting the glory of England, hailing it as the mother of parliaments, can now celebrate their victory.

Published by: The Guardian

We’re marching towards a mad Brexit. Someone must speak for the 48%

Among the multiple absurdities uttered by those who demanded Britain’s departure from the European Union is the claim that, since the sky has not yet fallen in, all those gloomy warnings from the remain crowd have been proved wrong. Absurd because – and it’s odd that they haven’t spotted this – we have not yet left. We remainers believed that it was the actual leaving, not a mere vote to leave, that would bring economic havoc. That the first few post-referendum months seemed steady enough can be attributed to the hope nurtured by some of our trading partners, along with the markets, that we might not go ahead with this planned act of national self-harm, that we might step back from the brink.

Published by: The Guardian