Trump’s world is too dark – even for Leonard Cohen

They said he wrote music to slit your wrists to, which in this week of all weeks feels timely. As it happens, I never felt that barb was fair to Leonard Cohen. True, his songs often told of gloom and defeat and darkness, but his voice was one of consolation – of sharing the loss by finding another who felt it too, of discovering the glimmer of love or light that might get you through.

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Will Donald Trump destroy America?

With Democrats defeated and Republicans scared to step out of line, Donald Trump’s control over the three branches of the US government means this horror show hasn’t yet begun

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If Donald Trump wins, it’ll be a new age of darkness

We are standing on the brink of the abyss. And, like anyone who’s ever peered into a chasm, we are experiencing a queasy, sinking feeling. All round the world, not just in the United States, people are contemplating the prospect that on Wednesday morning we will wake to hear of victory for Donald J Trump.

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Pray America repudiates Trump

There's a snippet of video doing the rounds that is simultaneously shocking and unsurprising. It shows a supporter of Donald Trump at a rally in Phoenix, as the crowd strikes up the familiar chant of "U-S-A! U-S-A!". Except he's chanting an amended ver...

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Will the article 50 ruling stop Brexit? | The panel

Surely those who should be cheering today’s high court judgment the loudest are the people who have been the most passionate defenders of parliamentary sovereignty. So rejoice, Daniel Hannan: the judges have heeded your earnest plea to make parliament supreme. Put out the bunting, Michael Gove: your insistence that Westminster be the ultimate arbiter of our national affairs has been given the judicial seal of approval. All those who spent the spring trumpeting the glory of England, hailing it as the mother of parliaments, can now celebrate their victory.

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