The Haggadah got it right

Man cannot live by bread alone — still, a slice or two makes a nice change after eight days of matzahs. Some JC readers will, I know, be glad to see the back of Pesach for another year, glad if they don’t clap eyes on another box of Rakusen’s this side of 2015. But I am not one of them. I’ve always loved Passover.

Published by: The Jewish Chronicle

Kurt Cobain: an icon of alienation

In the days after Cobain's death on 5 April 1994, Jonathan Freedland reported from Seattle for the Guardian's Weekend magazine, charting the troubled life of a reluctant rock star. On the 20th anniversary of Cobain's suicide, we republish the piece W...

Published by: The Guardian

A no vote in Scotland will be no endorsement of Britain

The campaign against independence has been so relentlessly negative it risks depriving the UK of a moral mandateWhat works best, a negative message or a positive one? What is it that truly motivates voters, their hopes or their fears?These questions ar...

Published by: The Guardian

Politics Weekly podcast: Ukraine crisis

It has been called the worst crisis to hit Europe in the 21st century'. The overthrow of the government in Ukraine and the subsequent incursion by Russian forces in Crimea has left European politicians fumbling for an adequate response. So far, no more...

Published by: The Guardian